Making the Stable Supply and Recycling of Metal Materials as Our Mission

About Us

We were established to promote the recycling of metal scrap so as to reduce its impact on the community and the environment at large. Our business is based on three guiding principles – excellent customer service, environmental safety, responsibility and a focus on our community. We strive to do everything possible to adhere to these principles each and every day.

So, how are we different from our competitors?

To start with, we are one of the proud metal recycling companies that pay customers for their scrap metal. Besides, if you have a very large load difficult to manage we can also pick it up from your house, warehouse, industry or any other convenient location so that you do not have to go through the hassle of transporting it to us.



We typically buy scrap metal by weight. Prices are determined by the Metal Market. Manufacturing and processing plants as well as individual customers and municipalities are always looking to get rid of their scrap metal and we buy it for cash. If you are looking to make some money out of your scrap metal, then fill our online form or send us an email describing your scrap metal and its approximate weight. We will find the best option for you. Just give us a call at (813) 961-1747.


Industrial site recycling requires expert knowledge and the right equipment. Fortunately, we have both and this is why we are the first choice for any kind of industrial site recycling. At Worldwide Scrap Metal, we strive to meet the highest standards of environmental compliance, ethical conduct, integrity and service. We have cement pads, complete with oil and water separators to protect contaminants from percolating into the ground and polluting the water tables and soil. This is yet another part of our commitment to preserve the environment for posterity.


We provides containers for collecting scrap metal. So, when you have to dispose your metals, all that you have to do is to fill these roll-off containers. Once you are done, we will haul it away for you and place an empty one if needed – conveniently, safely and efficiently at the appropriate time or according to your schedule.


Worldwide Scrap Metals also provides vehicles capable of being immediately loaded with your scrap metal and hauled away. When your scrap yard or demolition site needs constant and immediate attention until all materials are removed, these live loads at your facility will be ready, Let WSM help you keep your scrap metal yards and demolition jobs safe, clean and neat!


We offer top dollar for your junk cars, as well as the assurance that all vehicles will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Where batteries, engine oil, transmission oil, fuel, brake fluid and coolant or antifreeze are all carefully disposed of without harming the environment. The vehicle is then compacted and sent off to metal processing plants for shredding and separation into reusable materials. These operations typically recycle and recover about 98 percent of your vehicle’s metal.


We can provide flatbed trailers & closed van services for other scrap yards, industrial businesses and individuals with large quantities of scrap metal and will always be willing to work out with you to find out what type of truck would fit best for your needs. Closed vans are also available for smaller projects and to give you a good measure of privacy. We will do whatever it takes to take care of your scrap metal in a safe and responsible manner.


Phone: (813) 961-1747.

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● Aluminum

● Batteries

● A/C Compressors

● Copper

● Insulated Copper Wire

● Brass

● Stainless Steel

● Radiators

● Transformers

● Aluminum Engines

● Wheels

● Electric Motors

● Ballast

● Steel/ Appliances

● Junk Cars

● Nickel Chrome

● AL- Cu Ends

● Lead

● Electronic Scrap